Where’s the Class?

What ever happened to the days of the classy wife? And this is a question that is very much geared towards military wives. It’s no surprise now to see military wives acting in a manner that is distasteful and disrespectful to the role they play into the military life. 

Before I met and married my husband, I had always had a particular view of what a military wife was suppose to act and dress like. I guess I also have those classic movies of war, military life, and even history class to thank. I thought of wives in the base neighborhoods that got along, had dinner with other families, kept their houses clean and desirable to live in, dressed to impress and not to reveal body parts, and participated in functions of the husband’s command in hopes to lend a helping hand. But what has baffled me the most, is seeing how unclassy some military wives can be, and how unrealistic my view of military wives were all along.

For example, when did it become any kind of appropriate for military wives to dress as if they had Miley Cyrus in mind before leaving their house? Ass cheeks, belly buttons, and clevage, are not appropriate as it is for a normal person, but for a wife of a service member to stroll around on base wearing an outfit that revealing… what kind of message are you trying to send? Not to mention that there is a dress code to be followed for base locations, but have you no respect for yourself and your husband? 

Another “nearly nude” act military wives seem to be drawn to is posing in their spouses uniform for photographs…

Go ahead and buckle up for this…

There is NO point in time where it is ANY kind of appropriate for a person that is not trained as a military member to wear the uniform. Not for boudoir, not for “just your husband”, and DEFINITELY never ever ever to post on social media. This is where I want to ask the girls (and yes I say girls because if you do this, you clearly aren’t a lady), do you know what that uniform represents? Let me break it down for you.

That uniform is a symbol of American history. It is what is earned from men and women who commit their entire life to the sacrifices of their country. It is what they train long weeks, endless days, and countless hours for. It’s what they shed blood, sweat, and tears over. It’s what they wear when they have to go to parts of the world that most people would never dream of thinking of, let alone fighting in. It is what so many have died in when they paid the ultimate sacrifice and what so many are still fighting for today. How can anyone with a clear conscious, comprehend that there is an approval to defile a piece of a military uniform by posing nude. It is DISGUSTING. Not to mention, it could very quickly get the service member into trouble, but it almost permanently leaves a bad taste for the wives that have participated in acts such as this one. 

Seeing is how I’m not a “young wife”, my maturity towards some things are different, not to mention I was raised to be a lady. But my husband expects the classiness from me as well. And the way I see it, how a military wife acts is a reflection of the service member.