God IS Good.


I like to think of being a military wife a little adventurous. I mean, you kind of have to be considering moving to new towns is like changing your wardrobe. And honestly, it’s almost like every day holds a new adventure to discover.

So, my adventure for today was going to a new church, with my friend Courtney; and a very different kind of church than what I grew up in, might I add. Approaching the church from the highway was adventure enough. It was kind of scary, rundown buildings every where and what appeared to be a chop shop for stolen cars. As we pulled into the parking lot, and I see all the people going in, they’re casual. What? Southern Baptist churches on Sunday mornings are high heels and pantyhose kind of churches. Not here.

After walking inside and getting our seats, the atmosphere seemed all to familiar to me. The best way for me to compare it would be to summer church camp. You know the really cool camps you would go to and have AMAZING worship leaders and pastors that really involved everyone in the auditorium. That is this church. Not that I don’t appreciate the church that I grew up in, but singing along with my favorite songs from Christian radio and listening to a Pastor that simply, but boldly relates the message to every day life, was moving.

His message today really gave perspective to some things in life I have been juggling recently. The message itself is titled, “Is God Good?” When I saw that question, it kind of took me back. Like why are you asking that? Of course God is good, duh! But when life throws bad things at us, how do we as Christians justify it by God’s plan? We justify it by saying that God wants to teach us a lesson so He allows for bad things to happen to us. This morning the Pastor put it simply, “God good, Satan bad”. God does not make bad things happen to us, God is only good. God gives us shared control with him; He gives us choices. The society we live in today did not turn bad and evil over night. Our society is a progression from fallen people that has made us a fallen creation. The choices have defined how society is.

Psalm 27:13 says, “I am certain that I will see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living”.

Now some of you may be sitting here wondering, “isn’t this blog supposed to involve the military in some way?” Absolutely. Being a military spouse for this short amount of time, I have come to learn that God is the only way to manage this chaos. Whatever you look for is what you will find in life. When I moved to this new town, into a new home, with not that many people that I knew, I could have looked at it in a way that is just the end of the world. My husband leaving for a deployment; I could have taken that to a new level of misery. Yes it’s hard, no I don’t like it, but there is good in what God places in our life. It’s what we chose to either celebrate, tolerate, or eliminate. We as Christians have to put God in that place in our lives where we allow Him to show us the good and not keep him sheltered or shut up in a box and only use Him when things get tough.

God is good, all the time; and all the time, God is good.


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